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Tacoma and Central Pierce Fire Apparatus



UPDATE: I have Added South King Fire Rescue, Valley Regional, Lacey, Central Pierce Fire & Renton Fire & Rescue, Seattle FD, Tukwila FD and Portland Fire & Rescue.

Welcome to my fire apparatus web page. My name is John Lee. I am currently residing in Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma is 30 miles South of Seattle, Washington. Although, I am not a firefighter, but I enjoy taking photograph of fire apparatus; it has been my hobby since I started last year. I do have a career interest in firefighting.

I have been taking pictures of fire apparatus since 2008. I enjoy traveling to new places and meeting all the wonderful and brave people that put their lives at risk every day.

I hope you enjoy the site but these photos are not to be used for any purpose without my knowledge. If you would like a copy of photo(s). Please email me, if you are going to use them, please be sure to credit me such (Photo Courtesy of John Lee).

If you work for a fire dept. in Washington and would like to see your apparatus showcased here, please feel free to email me and I am more than happy to come by for a visit.

Finally, I dedicate this site to the men and women of Fire Department across the Country who put their lives at risk everyday by protecting us from fire danger. Also I want to dedicate this website for FDNY Firefighters who lost their lives in 9-11.


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